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Wedding Makeup

Hire Gabriella Golan For Your Wedding Makeup Needs!

Wedding shoots involve many individuals working together to craft a story that is driven by beautiful visuals. From the camera operator and the makeup artist to the model in front of the camera, every step of the process is integral to the session's overall success.

To enjoy a successful wedding shoot, consider hiring Gabriella Golan to help make your goals a reality!


Benefits of Wedding Makeup

If you've never hired an wedding makeup artist, you should know what to expect. Flawless skin and artistic contouring are part and parcel of the experience because your skin must look flawless. A professional makeup artist experienced in wedding makeup can provide a flawless, effortless, and minimal look, no matter your skin type or complexion.

Gabriella is a world-traveled makeup artist with experience in print & television. Trained in H D, airbrush, bridal, and special FX makeup, Gabriella Golan was trained at the Make-up Designory in New York City.

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